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Flash! Friday # 38

Flash! Friday # 38. The new prompt is up and the clock is ticking.  This is a great challenge to write, and a lot of fun to read. Come out and join us!

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Storming the Gate – a 100 word story

Storming the Gate by M.T. Decker “Pete, I know it looks imposing, but I’m telling you we can sneak in…” Peter gave Pablo a dubious look and shook his head.  “I don’t think we can sneak in, and if you … Continue reading

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Sugar – a 100 word Flash Story

Since I got up way too early, I decided to try a new Flash Fiction site, this one limits you to a constant of 100 words… (give or take).  Unfortunately… what I thought was the prompt was just a picture … Continue reading

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Anatomy of a story – FlashFriday #37

Today I’ve decided to do something different with my ‘post game’ analysis of my FlashFiction story.  Today, rather than watching the actual story develop, I’m going to talk about how the idea of the story developed and the adventure and … Continue reading


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FlashFiction #37

My entry for The challenge: 95-105 words – based on a picture (available at FlashFriday) – used with permission. (The picture depicts a 6 month old baby in a wagon being pulled by a goat, there is also a man … Continue reading

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It’s about Character

I was given a book, “The Writer’s Lab (a place to experiment with fiction)” by Sexton Burke.  I can’t tell you much about the book yet, but one of the first things it had me do was write down my … Continue reading

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Friday’s Flash

Another weekend and another FlashFriday in the books. After having word goals with little to no leeway, we were given the word limit of 100-200 words. After cutting and scrimping for weeks, it felt good to write something that had … Continue reading

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Flash! Friday # 35

Flash! Friday # 35.  Back for another week, this week’s word count 100-200 words.  After 70-80 word limits… this gives you a lot of wiggle room. Come out and read, or better yet… write one today!

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