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Anatomy of an edit: Less might not be more, but sometimes it’s better

This week’s Flash Friday prompt inspiration was “Pilgrim’s Progress” and the Elements that were given almost wrote the story in my head… only with 100 words +/- 1.. I had my work cut out for me. The first draft started out nicely: Good … Continue reading

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Story: In the Dark, They Sing

Ink After Dark held their first Monster Mash contest where they supplied the titles and the writers supplied the stories to go with them.  The title I chose was one of the most popular: “In the Dark, They Sing”    Now … Continue reading

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One thing leads to another

As you may or may not know… I write… a lot. Some if it is long and well thought out, some is so well thought out it never sees the light of day, but to keep me going and producing … Continue reading

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55 Word Fiction

Believe it or not, I’m beginning to think that its easier to write a 55 word story than a 150 word story since there is no room for embellishments that will lead to overwriting… With the return of the 55 word challenge I’m … Continue reading

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A Serious Word on Backups…

Making a backup isn’t always enough – take it from me: go the extra step and make sure a) you’ve backed up what you think you have and b) it actually worked. I’ve just come back from a ‘catastrophic’ failure … Continue reading

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Poetry Workshop or… Mary Tries to Write a Sonnet

What happens when a non rhyming free-form poet tries to write a sonnet?  Why, we end up with a blog post of course.  So, in keeping with my anatomy of a story series here’s one I like to call… Mary tries … Continue reading

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Flash Friday – Destroyer of Words

This week, I’ll share my FlashFriday entry – and just tell you that the word count bounced from 175 to 195… hovered at 159 for a while before going back up to 165 and finally ending at 151. The prompt: … Continue reading

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