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55 Word Fiction

Believe it or not, I’m beginning to think that its easier to write a 55 word story than a 150 word story since there is no room for embellishments that will lead to overwriting… With the return of the 55 word challenge I’m … Continue reading

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A Serious Word on Backups…

Making a backup isn’t always enough – take it from me: go the extra step and make sure a) you’ve backed up what you think you have and b) it actually worked. I’ve just come back from a ‘catastrophic’ failure … Continue reading

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Poetry Workshop or… Mary Tries to Write a Sonnet

What happens when a non rhyming free-form poet tries to write a sonnet?  Why, we end up with a blog post of course.  So, in keeping with my anatomy of a story series here’s one I like to call… Mary tries … Continue reading

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Call the tech guy – Part Two

Troubleshooting a hardware problem – old school Non-geek version: I need a new computer… or least the insides of a new computer <Geek version> Last week I mentioned having hardware issues – I had hoped that a new power supply … Continue reading

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Flash Friday – Destroyer of Words

This week, I’ll share my FlashFriday entry – and just tell you that the word count bounced from 175 to 195… hovered at 159 for a while before going back up to 165 and finally ending at 151. The prompt: … Continue reading

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Poetry Part 2: Rhyme and meter aka Rhythm and Rhyme

Words have rhythm when spoken and when we’re rhyming it’s not always the last syllable that makes the rhyme work.   Eons ago, when I was working on a solo for ‘State Solo and Ensemble Festival’ my flute teacher talked … Continue reading

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Confessions of a Flash Fiction Addict

Flash fiction contests can do a lot for writers, but it should come with an addiction warning. We’re coming up on the anniversary of my first submission to FlashFriday, and my first honorable mention.   I went from writing sagas … Continue reading

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