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Poetry: Part 1 Words and emotion

A friend of mine expressed their sadness at a friend’s passing and lamented the fact that they never got to tell that friend how they really felt about them. When I tried, and failed, to express my sympathies, I ended … Continue reading

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Never take a scientist to a Science Fiction Movie

While I was writing about the woes of taking a writer to the movies, I remembered my own childhood,  and having to tell my dad: “just sit back and watch…” I was too young to know the phrase “suspension of … Continue reading

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Advice on Writing

Advice on writing is pretty much like advice on anything that is personal: what people tell you is usually a lot more about them and their writing, and a lot less about you and yours. Sure some advice is sound … Continue reading

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Stupid Writing Tech Tricks – Editing and the PDF reader

As I’ve said, I’m a software developer, and there are times when I seriously feel like I’m going to be called up on charges of ‘First Degree Tech Abuse,’ but until then, I figured I’ll share some of my stupid … Continue reading

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