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Anatomy of a story – FlashFriday #37

Today I’ve decided to do something different with my ‘post game’ analysis of my FlashFiction story.  Today, rather than watching the actual story develop, I’m going to talk about how the idea of the story developed and the adventure and … Continue reading

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It’s about Character

I was given a book, “The Writer’s Lab (a place to experiment with fiction)” by Sexton Burke.  I can’t tell you much about the book yet, but one of the first things it had me do was write down my … Continue reading

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Poetry: Part 1 Words and emotion

A friend of mine expressed their sadness at a friend’s passing and lamented the fact that they never got to tell that friend how they really felt about them. When I tried, and failed, to express my sympathies, I ended … Continue reading

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Never take a scientist to a Science Fiction Movie

While I was writing about the woes of taking a writer to the movies, I remembered my own childhood,  and having to tell my dad: “just sit back and watch…” I was too young to know the phrase “suspension of … Continue reading

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Advice on Writing

Advice on writing is pretty much like advice on anything that is personal: what people tell you is usually a lot more about them and their writing, and a lot less about you and yours. Sure some advice is sound … Continue reading

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Stupid Writing Tech Tricks – Editing and the PDF reader

As I’ve said, I’m a software developer, and there are times when I seriously feel like I’m going to be called up on charges of ‘First Degree Tech Abuse,’ but until then, I figured I’ll share some of my stupid … Continue reading

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