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Trying not to lose the reader

One of the hardest lessons I’ve learned when it comes to Miro/Flash Fiction is keeping it short without losing the story– or the audience. With flash fiction, I’ve learned that you have to limit the scope of the story and … Continue reading

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A Serious Word on Backups…

Making a backup isn’t always enough – take it from me: go the extra step and make sure a) you’ve backed up what you think you have and b) it actually worked. I’ve just come back from a ‘catastrophic’ failure … Continue reading

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Call the tech guy – Part Two

Troubleshooting a hardware problem – old school Non-geek version: I need a new computer… or least the insides of a new computer <Geek version> Last week I mentioned having hardware issues – I had hoped that a new power supply … Continue reading

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Call the tech guy!

Okay, it’s not as traditional as the dog ate my homework but… my desktop won’t boot and I can’t get to my most recent edits… I was going to edit this afternoon, I really was, but my desktop has decided … Continue reading

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Poetry Part 2: Is there poetry without rhythm?

The answer, in my not so humble opinion, is yes… and no. Rhythm is in everything we do.  It is the tick of the clock, the movement of the pendulum, the very beat of our hearts is rhythmic.  Rhythm can … Continue reading

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FlashFriday: Re-imaging a story

Today’s prompt at FlashFriday  was particularly uninspiring for me, I did have a beginning line, but I had no idea what to do with it.  This time, rather than take you through the revision process in detail, I’m going to present … Continue reading

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Musing on voice, its advantages and disadvantages

The predictability of being unpredictable. As I’ve stated earlier, I’ve been writing for flash fiction contests for over a year now, and although almost all the judges judge ‘blind’ (they collect the stories without the author’s information) they almost always … Continue reading

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