Spotlight: Lisa Crayton

Very insightful!

Flash! Friday

What a pleasure and honor to welcomeLisa Craytonto the Spotlight mic. She’s a multi-published author and co-author, freelance writer, writing mentor, editor, conference and workshop speaker, former publisher of a two-time Writer’s Digest 101 Best Websites for Writers winning site, contest judge, business writer, ghostwriter… I’d say it would be quicker to list the sorts of writing she hasn’t done, except I can’t think of any!

She’s generously set aside a few minutes (okay, a lot of minutes! I had loads of questions and could easily listen to her all day) to chat with us at Flash! Friday, and share some of what she’s learned along the way. Lisa, welcome to Flash! Friday! Let’s dive right in.

Lisa Crayton Lisa Crayton

Every romance starts somewhere: tell us the story of your relationship with writing!

Way, way back, I first fell in love with writing in my 8th grade journalism class…

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