Flash Friday #45

I haven’t been that inspired in my stories lately.  The last one was supposed to be 100 words no more, no less and I of course was inspired with a plot that needed at least three times as many words.

Today’s challenge:  write a 200 word story based on the following picture (10 word leeway)

FlashFriday.wordpress.com is up with a new Friday Challenge.

The prompt:

Dog viewing mountain vista that blends into the horizon and coulds
Dog on Colma di Mombarone. Photo by Dan Fador.

Word count: 200 words (give or take 10)

The Heart Knows No Distance

Barklay stood on the rise, musing over the journey ahead of him.  The view was breathtaking, even if he could only see blue, violet and yellow against a splash of grays.  He could sense the distance and grandness of it all.  He could see the hills rise and fall before him, and he’d heard his mistress sigh as she started out across them just the day before.

It was getting later and the sun was already starting to climb towards the sky.  His family was long gone by now. Hundreds of miles from home, he felt the call in the distance.  He knew the journey would be long and arduous, but he also knew it was a journey he would have to take.

He let out a slight whine as he thought of his family missing him, worrying about him.  At first he’d waited, hoping they would come back but he’d waited too long.  Now he knew what he had to do.  He drew a deep breath and let out a plaintive howl, his goal was so far away, then he heard his mistress’ voice.

“You goof.  Don’t be such a drama queen,” she said with a laugh. “The door’s 3 feet away and I’m putting on my coat!”

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